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Based in: New York

Year established: 1970

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Women’s World Banking (WWB) works to give low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they require to build security and prosperity. Headquartered in New York City, WWB supports a network of 39 microfinance institutions in 28 countries around the world to provide access to credit, savings, and insurance products personalized to the unique needs of women in developing countries.

Women’s World Banking recognizes the need to provide women with the means to create their own economic security and the value of investing in women as leaders. From offering financial education to increasing opportunities for girls to create and contribute to their own savings accounts, WWB works to transform the role of women in developing societies – from an underserved and undervalued market to business leaders and financially literate and responsible individuals.

By conducting extensive market research, WWB is able to understand the financial needs of women around the world and develop innovative techniques for businesses to better serve the female market. Generally, organizations targeting women can better understand their needs when they have female leaders within the organization. For that reason, WWB has been working with institutions across the globe to diversify their executive leadership.

In addition to providing organizations with research and strategies, WWB also develops marketing materials specifically targeting women in certain regions. One of their most innovative marketing techniques to date has been their “Contracorriente,” a social soap opera focused on managing money and building savings, launched with Puntos de Encuentro in the Dominican Republic. Specifically in Ethiopia, their Lenege savings program has a marketing strategy aimed at youth and young female adults.

Research and analytics is the foundation for all of WWB’s development and innovation. What sets them apart from other organizations is their ability to truly understand women’s lives, their work, and their financial needs. Together with its global network of partners, WWB is helping women across the world build a brighter financial future.


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