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UN Women for Peace Holds March To End Violence Against Women

By Scott     About Voice Ethiopia

The United Nations Women for Peace (UNWFP) will be holding their second annual “March in March to End Violence Against Women” this Friday, March 7th at 1:30pm EST.

The march itself will take place in New York City between the United Nations headquarters (at First Avenue and 44th Street) and conclude at Dag Hammarskjold Park (on East 47th Street, between First Avenue and Second Avenue).

“Empowering women is not only a goal in itself. It is a condition for building better lives for everyone on the planet.”
- H.E. Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

UNWFP was founded in 2008 by spouses of UN ambassadors, with Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, wife of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, serving as Patron to the organization. Ultimately aiming to galvanize their volunteering efforts in order to better achieve their goals and vision, the group decided to form an organization dedicated to helping women in need around the world and advocating women’s rights and empowerment. In collaboration with the United Nations Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund), a global multilateral grant-making mechanism specifically dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls, UNWFP carries out their work.

For a country like Ethiopia, where 71% of women reported physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime, a march like this to raise awareness and funds, and to leverage the United Nations, is extremely valuable.

The impact of violence against women goes beyond the directly affected individual. Sexual violence can lead to unintended pregnancies, induced abortions, gynecological problems, and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. Children growing up in families where there is violence are more likely to suffer a range of behavioral and emotional disturbances. Women on the receiving end of violence may suffer isolation within their own community, leading to difficulties in the workplace and loss in wages, ultimately affecting the ability to fully and properly care for their families.

Ethiopia and UN Women for Peace need your support. Violence against women is bigger than a human rights problem – the negative effects ripple across health, family, social, and economic issues. To reiterate Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon’s message – we must end violence and empower women to improve the lives of every global citizen.

To learn more about the “March in March,” visit UNWFP’s website.

To support UNWFP, visit unwomenforpeace.org/take-action/donate/.


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