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Seeds of Africa Helps Break the Poverty Cycle

By Meg    About Seeds of Africa

Eleven-year-old Feitya woke up every morning knowing that the next few hours of her day would determine whether or not her family would be able to eat that night. She sold potatoes on the street, desperately hoping for a change in her life that would save her from the poverty that repressed her family. Her mother and sister were both sick with HIV, unable to work themselves, and were dependent on the small amount of money that Feitya brought home each day. Feitya barely had time to go to class, let alone keep up with the lessons or understand what was being taught at her school.

Ethiopia’s student/teacher ratio is 58:1

This is one of the highest in Africa, so Feitya was forced to sit in overcrowded classrooms and never got the one-on-one support that she needed. She was struggling to complete the third grade, and despite her inquisitive and insightful personality and her hard-working attitude, she could have easily become one of the many Ethiopian students who never complete primary school.

Making a Change!

Atti Worku was born and raised in Ethiopia and attended a private school in Adama. She was a model and beauty pageant queen, and even held the title of Miss Ethiopia in 2005. Despite her own quality education, Worku knew that the public school education system was failing its students, and desperately wanted to help. In 2006, she founded Seeds of Africa, a non-profit organization that sought to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development. Not only does the school allow students to receive the personal attention that they need to learn and succeed, it also gives them the opportunity to develop the skills they will need to support themselves for the rest of their lives.

Transformed Lives

Feitya enrolled in the Seeds of Africa school and her life was completely transformed. She completed the fourth grade at the head of her class, and even received monthly food supplies and other materials for her family through the organization. With an enormous pressure off of her shoulders, Feitya was finally able to prioritize her education and start building a brighter future for herself and her family.

Big Goals

There are millions of children just like Feitya living in Ethiopia who still need help. As Seeds of Africa continues to grow, they are able to reach more and more children, changing families and entire communities along the way. The organization hopes to expand into other African nations, allowing every child to reach their full potential.

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