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Seeds of Africa: Confront the Secondary Education Challenge

By Lindsay    About Seeds of Africa

Secondary education is a gateway to the opportunities and benefits of economic and social development. Secondary education is now being recognized as the cornerstone of educational systems in the 21st century. Quality education is essential in creating a bright future for individuals across all continents. Unfortunately, not everyone is equally granted access to education. Developing countries such as Ethiopia suffer from this problem.

Two thirds of African children are locked out of secondary school, making it one of the next great development challenges facing many of the world’s poorest countries (United Nations). Although there has been growth, Sub-Saharan Africa, including Ethiopia, still has the lowest level in participation in secondary school, and girls are the first to suffer from the shortage of secondary school places.

Seeds of Africa recognizes the importance of not just secondary education, but the path by which to advance to the next levels.  In response to this global challenge, Seeds’ mission is to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development that can be replicated in other communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Seeds of Africa has used Ethiopia as a model by supporting gifted children, young adults, and the entire community.

There can be no escape from poverty without an expansion in education. Without access to education and the development of reading and writing skills, youth will be unable to secure decent livelihoods in today’s world. Seeds moves beyond the traditional aid efforts to giving students and communities the skills they need to support themselves and rise above poverty. The first step towards achieving secondary education and bridging the gap between potential and achievement is building a strong foundation with pre-school and kindergarten. Seeding education is an innovative pre-school, kindergarten and after-school program that lays the groundwork for further education. As a result, these students have been ranked in the top 5% in their public schools.

Seeds of Africa’s model continues to support Ethiopians in achieving academic excellence that enables these children to break the cycle of poverty.

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