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People in Need Campaign By Cordaid

By Siobhan       About Cordaid

Cordaid, a relief and development organization based in the Netherlands, previously launched an ad campaign called “People in Need.”  I had mixed feelings when I saw the ads for the first time. Seeing people who are held down by poverty holding such luxurious items is quite overwhelming.  This image definitely caught my attention though, and made me realize how values can differ so greatly.

The advertisement shows underprivileged people holding expensive items to emphasize the fundamental needs of which they are deprived.  The ad below, one of four created for the campaign, lists the price of the item and contrasts that with the small amount of money that this woman would need to access clean water. The facts are astounding, and I think that the image coupled with the text is an extremely effective way to make people aware of what is happening on the other side of the world.

Time To Take Action

I definitely think that this campaign opened people’s eyes and made them reflect on the differences between our materialistic society and that of the people living in third world countries. It made me think about my own life, and it made me want to take action.

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