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“A service trip to Ethiopia sparked my interest in philanthropy.”


Siobhan is a marketing intern for a fundraising and philanthropy consulting firm in New York City.  In the summer of 2012, Siobhan ventured on an eight-day service trip to Ethiopia, an experience which ultimately had a huge impact on her life.  She produced a documentary based on her experiences and all of the organizations she visited, including ILAE, Seeds of Africa, and UNICEF (a partner organization to Save the Children). Siobhan hopes to continue generating publicity for these organizations by promoting her documentary and through her work at Voice Ethiopia. After traveling to the country and seeing all of these organizations first hand, she knew she had to help, because she believes in the great work they are doing to help Ethiopia and its people, and sees the need for as much support as possible.


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Young People Interested in Philanthropy

During the summer of 2012, two cousins, Siobhan age 16 at the time and Sara age 17 traveled to Ethiopia. Throughout their courageous journey, the two young ladies decided to videotape important organizations they saw.

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I Had to Help

Find out how eight days in Ethiopia was enough to completely change one young girl’s perspective on life. Reflections on the life-changing impact one trip across the world has made.

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Ethiopian Coffee

Agriculture is a crucial component of the Ethiopia’s economy, as it represents 45% of the GDP and 85% of employment. Ethiopian coffee is one of the most valuable and promising resources, and as the worldwide demand for coffee continues to rise, there are ample opportunities emerging for Ethiopia and its people.

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People in Need Campaign By Cordaid

Cordaid’s “People in Need” campaign uses powerful images to deliver their message and demonstrate how our materialistic society greatly differs from the everyday lives of the people living in third world countries.

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