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Social Media Coordinator


“Connecting two completely different worlds through social media to help make a difference.”


At 24 years old, Luke is currently an intern for a fundraising and philanthropy consulting firm in NYC. His strengths include targeted marketing and cross branding on Twitter. For Voice Ethiopia, Luke will be working closely on the Twitter account to interact with various audiences and individuals, as well as generating traffic to Voice Ethiopia’s site and social media accounts.


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Dreaming Big

Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading messages. It allows you to reach a large audience and to target specific individuals. Read about Voice Ethiopia’s plan to use Twitter to raise money for a student at ILAE.

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Weaving for Hope in Ethiopia

Women of the FWFWCA make use of the skills they have developed to provide a better life for their families and loved ones. These women once had to resort to carrying heavy bundles of wood for $1 a day. Now, after being taught the craft of weaving, these women create magnificent scarves, baskets, and carpets and do it with love and passion. They are provided free access to all the equipment they need to complete their weaving projects and then sell their products to make money for themselves and their families.

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Connected in Hope!

Connected in Hope is a United States based non-profit organization supporting the FWFWCA. Connected in Hope makes several trips to Ethiopia annually and does whatever it can to help give back.

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