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ILAE students receive one-on-one support from their teachers.

ILAE Shapes Future Leaders

By Meg     About ILAE

Eighteen eighth grade students sat in a square on a classroom floor in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, writing their name on a folded piece of paper and drawing pictures of what was important to them. Each student stood up, one at a time, and explained to the group the significance of their illustration. Although many were nervous, anxious, and shy, they did not hold back in thanking their teacher for the opportunity to be a part of the program they were about to begin. These students were attending an orientation for the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE), and were about to start the Prep Program.

The first of five schools

The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia is the first of five schools to be built in Africa’s least developed nations, aiming to provide students with a secondary education comparable to the best schools in the world. The campus is home to state-of-the-art computer centers, science laboratories, world language labs, athletic fields, a media center, and dormitories for resident students and faculty. By allowing their students access to a high quality education, the founders of the school are hoping to assist these students in reaching their full potential and becoming leaders that will one day transform Ethiopia.

September 2013

The Prep Program takes place during after-school hours, weekends, and the summer prior to the September 2013 school year commencement. Students chosen to take part in the program were recognized for both academic excellence and leadership abilities, and many of the Prep students will be joining the entry class in the fall. September’s class will be made up of Ethiopia’s best and brightest future leaders, who will be presented with an exciting and challenging curriculum created to prepare students for some of the best colleges around the world. The founders of ILAE hope that many students will attend colleges and universities within Ethiopia, and return to their hometowns to seek employment and better their communities.

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