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Increasing Leadership: The 2015 Nexus Global Youth Summit


By Sara and Siobhan    About Voice Ethiopia

The 5th annual Nexus Global Youth Summit will take place in New York City on July 22nd -25th, 2015. The international movement will bring over 2,000 young people together from over 70 different countries interested in improving philanthropy, and bridging communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. Young wealth-holders, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists will come together at the United Nations to present and collaborate on international issues. Nexus incorporates the younger generation into their mission, in hope to develop world leaders to address global problems.

Discussions will be held including topics such as human trafficking, business sustainability, and globally campaigning a culture of philanthropy. Individuals will present their organizations that seek to provide a peaceful and sustainable future among developing countries. Nexuses vision is to increase involvement on global challenges and advance the potential of the next generation to find a solution.

Throughout the week viewers can follow the conference on Twitter by following @TheNexusSummit @TheNexusSummit and/or the hashtag #WeAreNexus. The Voice Ethiopia team presented last year, and will be following this event on our Voice Ethiopia Twitter and Facebook pages.


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