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Increasing Awareness:  The Ninth Annual PropPov Conference

By Sara and Siobhan    About Voice Ethiopia

PopPov, or the Population and Poverty Research Network, consists of a group of academic researchers, stakeholders, and funders around the world that study the relationship between population dynamics, reproductive health, and economic growth. The organization focuses on discovering determinants that result in poverty, in order to form policies and programs that can aid economic development in low and middle income countries. By using improved data and vast resources, researchers address social, health, and economic issues in more than 70 countries. Doing so, they provide insight to the relationships between reproductive health, girls’ education, women’s labor force participation and their economic contributions. PopPov’s research has found that investments in reproductive health lead to positive results in the family household, as well as on a national level. The Network strives to increase political stability, poverty reduction, and the preservation of the environment.

Since 2005, the Hewlett Foundation has supported the PopPov- Research Network, donating nearly $30 million to over 100 research programs. The Hewlett Foundation has recently partnered with the Population Reference Bureau, also referred to as PRB. This partnership increases the amount of in researchers and advocates for the organization, and solicits a new pool of funders to support current and future projects of PopPov.

The ninth annual PopPov conference will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 24th-26th. The main topics of the conference will be population, reproductive health, and economic development. The conference will join leaders focused on academic research and funding, with policy makers interested in the effects of regional population on economic development. Events throughout the conference will include activities focused on empowering young women and developing economic employment income strategies; as well as the presentation of the latest research on population, reproductive health, and the economic development in Ethiopia.

Throughout the week viewers can follow the conference on Twitter by following the @PopPovNetwork handle and/or the hashtag #PopPov15. We will be following this event on our Voice Ethiopia Twitter and Facebook pages, and will feature a summary on our homepage at voiceethiopia.org.


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