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The Ethiopian Education Movement

By Jane    About Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa strives for educational and community development for Ethiopia. The word “seed” symbolizes the students, because once they grow up, they will flourish with the future of Ethiopia in their hands. Seeds of Africa is designed to give Ethiopians the education and resources they need. The long-term goal for Seeds of Africa is to give their students the opportunity to become whatever they want when they grow up, whether it be a doctor, an athlete, a teacher, or an actor.

Beginning with a concept inside the head of Miss Ethiopia 2005, the idea quickly became reality. Seeds of Africa became a pre-school, kindergarten, and after-school program. Their mission consists of three major points: enabling the students, empowering the teachers, and working with families. They do all these things in order to make sure the students are in good hands, with a stable environment at home and at school. Each student who attends Seeds of Africa receives school supplies, medical services, and uniforms. Seeds hires only the most creative and dedicated teachers to work for them. The teachers help students learn about leadership as well as research, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. Children need to grow up learning these life-skills at an early age so they can carry it on with them as adults. Students at Seeds learn from a basic school curriculum including reading and writing, as well as from innovative methods like science experiments and promoting creative expression.

The school has been proven successful so far. All of the ‘Seeds’ ranked within the top 5% of their classes after they moved onto public school. Seeds of Africa is one of the first steps to getting Ethiopia on a global track with education and literacy rates. The educational, social, and life resources these students receive are the key to opening doors of opportunities for them. Seeds of Africa continues to work towards bettering Ethiopia’s social infrastructure by offering quality education to future generations.

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