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Ethiopian Coffee

By Siobhan     About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the fifth largest producer of the world’s coffee, and the third largest producer in Africa. Agriculture, and coffee production in particular, is a crucial component of the country’s economy, as it represents 45% of the GDP and 85% of employment. Ethiopian coffee is exported to foreign countries and is also sold domestically, with much of the production process is still done by hand. Coffee is a strong part of the Ethiopian culture. Ethiopians are the highest coffee consumers in Africa.

The Future Of Coffee?

Ethiopia faces many challenges that could adversely affect their agriculture. The climate changes and droughts plaguing the country have caused crop failures and livestock deaths, resulting in a food shortage crisis. This has undoubtedly affected the growth and production of coffee, which brings hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue into the country annually. With millions of farmers relying on their crops as a source of income, this could put Ethiopia’s coffee exportation in jeopardy.

Arabica Beans

Although risks to growth and production do exist, coffee is still one of Ethiopia’s most valuable and promising resources. Ethiopia’s high quality specialty coffee beans are unique to the country, and the Arabica beans are indigenous to Ethiopia, therefore making it the ideal location to cultivate the plant. As the worldwide demand for coffee continues to rise, there are ample opportunities emerging for Ethiopia and its people.

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